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Prospective Marriage Visa

This visa allows foreign nationals to come to Australia to marry their respective life partner and stay for nine months. The applicant must be outside Australia when he/she lodges the application. However, the wedding need not be in Australia.

With this visa the applicants not only can travel in Australia, but also study and work in Australia for nine months.

Partner Visa

This Visa allows the de facto partner of an Australian Citizen to come and stay in Australia. For this your relative should sponsor for you. This is a permanent visa and is valid up to five years. This can be renewed further. This type of visa holder is eligible to travel through Australia, work and study in Australia.

Women at risk

This visa is intended for women, who need protection of a male relative due to the risk of serious harassment or dangerous sexual abuse. Women who got permanent residency in Australia can propose their spouse or family members under this category. This visa is valid for five years and after five years you need a Resident Return Visa to reenter Australia or you can apply for an Australian Citizenship after completing four years of your stay successfully. But while applying the male relative should be outside Australia.

In these five years you are granted to make trips in and out of Australia and study and work in Australia.

Temporary work visas

This visa enables you to stay Australia for three months and do specialized short-term jobs. You can also participate in cultural and social activities, which are non-going. The applicant must be outside Australia while applying.

Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Visa is designed specifically for young people who want to work and holiday in Australia. This visa is up to one year. This encourages the cultural exchange between Australia and other eligible countries.

If you apply from outside Australia, you must be outside when the visa is granted. If you are in Australia while applying, you must be in Australia, when the visa is granted.

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