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Permanent residence is a dream for many immigrants who come to Australia on the purpose of work and study. But it is not an easy job. It’s a long process and students have to live in Australia for a period of time.Not only that, they have to fulfill the criteria for their visa type.

Although the Permanent Residency does not provide you with the same rights as a citizen, but it clears the way to citizenship.

One can get permanent residency through becoming skilled migrant workers in Australia. Then the Australian companies themselves will offer them a permanent position.

Ways to become an Australia permanent resident:

Skilled Independent Residence Visa (subclass 885) –Students with a qualification from two years’ study in Australia may be eligible to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis through this Visa.

Skilled Sponsored Residence Visa (subclass 886) – Students with a qualification from two years’ study in Australia who have a sponsoring relative will be eligible for this Visa

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